SPYAIR Release ‘BEST’ Album in the UK and Europe from 12 January

SPYAIR BESTJapanese pop-rock squad SPYAIR will release ‘BEST’ on CD and digital formats in the UK and Europe from 12 January 2015, collating all 14 of their massive hit singles so far, plus two brand new songs! It’s also the first time many of the songs have been available outside of Japan.

Since smashing on to the scene in 2010 with their debut single ‘LIAR’, which also became the theme song to Japanese TV school drama Hammer Session!, SPYAIR have experienced a mighty ten top-40 singles in Japan and had many of their tracks become theme tunes in anime and film; including The Amazing Spider-Man, Bleach and Gintama. All are included on ‘BEST’.

Due to popular demand, SPYAIR were picked up by London’s JPU Records for European distribution, leading to the group’s YouTube channel being available outside of Japan for the first time. There, the official music videos to the songs included on ‘BEST’ have already racked up viewing figures upwards of 28 million.

02. Imagination
04. Genjyou Destruction
05. Niji
06. Sakura Mitsutsuki
07. WENDY ~It’s You~
08. Naked
09. 0 GAME
10. My World
12. (Samurai Heart) Some Like It Hot!!
13. Japanication
14. Last Moment
15. LIAR
16. Anokoro bokurawa onajimiraiwo

Pre-order now from JPU Records’ online shop.

Album teaser:

Last Few Units of the GazettE × WALKMAN® Collaboration Left in Europe

【the GazettE × WALKMAN®】

The last few units of the very special and very limited the GazettE × WALKMAN® are left in Europe!the GazettE Collaboration Walkman features:

  • Original engraved design on the back of Walkman
  • Original music video of ‘Last Heaven‘, exclusive to Walkman
  • the GazettE’s signature songs ‘INSIDE BEAST’ and ‘FADELESS’ in high resolution audio
  • Special photos exclusive for WalkmanCheck all the details of the model from the below specially launched websites!

UK: https://shop.sony.co.uk/shop/mimes/openAccess/store/gazette/EN/index.jsp

France: https://shop.sony.fr/shop/mimes/openAccess/store/gazette/FR/index.jsp

Germany: https://shop.sony.de/shop/mimes/openAccess/store/gazette/DE/index.jsp

Customer Call Centre:
UK: 020-7365-2413
France: 01-55-69-51-27
Germany: 069-95-08-63-19

More details: http://japanunderground.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/the_gazette_x_walkman/

Boom Boom Satellites Reveals New Video to ‘ONLY BLOOD’

Boom Boom Satellites ONLY BLOOD

Japan’s legendary electronic pioneers Boom Boom Satellites mark their return with the worldwide release of their new music video ‘ONLY BLOOD’ on YouTube.

ONLY BLOOD, with lyrics fully in English, breaks 1.5 years of silence from duo Michiyuki Kawashima and Masayuki Nakano, and follows on from their hit album EMBRACE, which received a European and UK release on CD and digital formats courtesy of JPU Records.

The music video has been created by visionary producer Taiyo Yamamoto, whose creations have featured in projects involving the anime film Evangelion 3.0, digital music phenomenon Miku Hatsune and the video game Beatmania IIDX20 Tricoro.

ONLY BLOOD has been teasing audiences in Japan since May, when it was featured in the trailer for upcoming thriller MONSTERZ, featuring Tatsuya Fujiwara (Battle Royale, Death Note, Arrietty).

Last year Boom Boom Satellites cancelled 23-dates of their EMBRACE 2013 TOUR when guitarist and vocalist Michiyuki was diagnosed with the symptoms of a brain tumour.

This year Boom Boom Satellites have made a strong return to the live stage, performing at Japan’s major music festivals, including Summer Sonic 2014, Rising Sun Rock Festival 2014 and Rock In Japan Festival 2014 amongst others.

On originally seeing Boom Boom Satellites perform in London, Mark Roland featured the pair as his pick of the week in Melody Maker, stating; “They are the best band I’ve ever seen. Monster beats, Chemical flavour, the drums, the drums, the drums! The sooner you get Boom Boom Satellites orbiting your stratosphere, the happier you will be.”

Boom Boom Satellites homepage: http://bbs-net.com/
Boom Boom Satellites YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/bbsliveSMEJ

the GazettE and Sony WALKMAN collaborate for two special models, exclusive to Sony Stores in UK, France, Germany and Japan

the GazettE x WALKMAN

Japanese chart rockers the GazettE have collaborated with Sony for two special WALKMAN models, launching in Japan today (4 August 2014) with a release to follow in the UK, France and Germany.

the GazettE x WALKMANThe special model of WALKMAN comes pre-installed with the GazettE’s never-before-seen music video to ‘LAST HEAVEN’ (from the album BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY), as well as the band members’ premium photo – both are new and exclusive to this project.

Its high-end model (F series) additionally carries the band’s tracks ‘FADELESS’ and ‘INSIDE BEAST’ in high-resolution audio.

“WALKMAN F Series / S Series: the GazettE model” will be available for pre-order from Sony Stores in Europe from October 2014.

the GazettE’s seventh studio album BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY is out now on CD and digital formats in the UK and Europe from JPU Records, distributed by Plastic Head Music. The album reached #3 in the iTunes Metal Album Chart in the UK, and peaked at #2 in Finland, #5 in France and #7 in Italy’s Rock Album chart on iTunes. It also peaked at #5 in Japan’s weekly Oricon album chart.

Preview of ‘INSIDE BEAST’ music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRP0xL03nkk&list=PLEMa8emJF_N2TJar5rht0t5kyikDN2N7F

Preview of ‘FADELESS’ music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2WCEjK7JEU&index=6&list=PLEMa8emJF_N2TJar5rht0t5kyikDN2N7F

BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY album teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxmnOOaJkRM&list=PLEMa8emJF_N2TJar5rht0t5kyikDN2N7F

the GazettE’s WORLD TOUR13 DOCUMENTARY Digest (out now on UK DVD): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz_wv0GWgrc&list=PLEMa8emJF_N2TJar5rht0t5kyikDN2N7F

JPU Records Host Official HYPER JAPAN After Party

HYPER JAPAN After Party 2014
London’s Largest Japanese Music Label Teams Up With the UK’s Biggest Japanese Pop Culture Event for the Ultimate J-pop Party

When: Saturday 26 July 2014 (7pm-midnight)
Where: Namco Funscape, County Hall, Riverside Buildings, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB. (map)
Nearest Tube/Train: Westminster, Waterloo.
Tickets: Free entry (500 capacity – one in one out if full)
Performances: Broken Doll, YANAKIKU, Kero Kero Bonito, Kelsey Ellison
DJ: JPU Records staff
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/491089981036648

JPU Records is proud to announce that it will be organising the official HYPER JAPAN after party on Saturday 26 July 2014. The event, celebrating all things J-pop, will take place at Namco Funscape in County Hall, Westminster, from 7pm and will be entirely free entry for all.

Four performance artists will be joining the event. Coming all the way from Japan will be cute punk rockers Broken Doll and ‘KimiCos’ duo YANAKIKU, plus British talents Kero Kero Bonito and Kelsey Ellison. There will also be popular tracks from Japan spun by JPU Records to keep the party atmosphere buzzing, as well as arcade machines, a licensed bar, snacks, dodgems, bowling and more available at additional costs.

JPU Records will also be exhibiting at HYPER JAPAN in Earls Court between 25-27 July, selling a wide range of CDs and merchandise from Japanese rock, pop and metal artists. The label will also be collecting ‘get well soon’ messages from fans of its artist SPYAIR. The pop-rock band, which has music in The Amazing Spider-Man and anime series Bleach and Gundam, recently had to postpone tour dates due to vocalist IKE suffering from acute bronchitis.

Equal parts band, part Harajuku-fashion brand. Broken Doll are a culmination of Japanese pop and street culture influences with a twist of punk rock energy. Channelling the spirit of Blondie and Sex Pistols via Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (who also wears Broken Doll’s fashion accessories) and Babymetal, Broken Doll are guaranteed to charm and kick-ass in equal measure. This will be part of their first performances outside of Japan.


Combining mainstream and sub-cultural Japanese influences, this cool and quirky decora influenced J-pop duo have a unique perspective on the world. Having earned themselves a sizeable UK fanbase the last time they visited, their next step along the road to global culture domination includes an English version of crowd favourite “Fujiyama△Disco”.

Along with their trademark catchy melodies and dance routines, this pair distinguish themselves from the rest of the J-pop crowd with their ‘Kimocos’- a totally original mashup of cosplay and kimono that are taking the music and fashion worlds by storm!

An electric-pop trio featuring vocals from half-Japanese kawaii rapper Sarah Bonito, and funky chiptune and electro beats created live from Gus and Jamie Bonito.

Kelsey Ellison LondonKELSEY ELLISON:
Kelsey Ellison is a professional performer from the U.K. who also uploads videos to YouTube. Her videos include a variety of subjects such as Japanese and Korean pop covers, English covers, vlogs, reviews and tutorials. She has recently released her debut single titled “Pom Pom“.

As of now she has almost 47,000 subscribers, over 6 million total views and has topped the weekly YouTube Japan music chart at #2 numerous times.

Date: 25th – 27th July 2014
Address: Earls Court One, Warwick Road, London, SW5 9TA
Nearest Tube: Earls Court

Opening Hours: 
• Friday 25th July – 12:00 – 19:00
• Saturday 26th July 09:15 – 14:15 or 15:15 – 20:15
• Sunday 27th July – 09:30 –18:00




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