Japan’s Otaku Idols Dempagumi.inc to Release First International Album and Perform at HYPER JAPAN at The O2 This Weekend

Dempagumi.inc JPU RecordsJapan’s alternative idol group Dempagumi.inc has confirmed the international release of their album W.W.D.D. through London’s JPU Records, following their first UK performances at HYPER JAPAN at The O2 on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July 2015.

Described as “pop… played at hardcore punk speed” by Complete Music Update and “an insane mish-mash of styles… an explosion of joy and creativity” by MTV Iggy. Dempagumi.inc are already turning heads overseas, and now the otaku superstars break out of Tokyo’s Akihabara district to bring their music to an international audience for the first time.

When originally released, W.W.D.D. reached number three in Japan’s Oricon Album Charts, where the six all-girl unit has held huge headline arena shows, including the Nippon Budokan, National Yoyogi Stadium’s First Gymnasium, as well as appearances at Japan’s major rock festivals, despite their pop aesthetics.

A number of tracks on the album have been written by prominent figures in the Japanese rock industry, including Tamaya 2060% of punk group Wienners, NAOTO from popular hip-hop rock act ORANGE RANGE, and anime theme composer and video game music remixer Kenichi Maeyamada amongst many more.

W.W.D.D. on CD will include a 28-page full colour photo and lyric booklet and will be available first at HYPER JAPAN, ahead of its official retail release from 7 August 2015. Digitally, the album is out now on iTunes and will be made available from other digital download and streaming services shortly.

JPU011 Dempagumi.inc WWDDW.W.D.D. TRACKLIST:
01. Dempa na Sekai ~ It’s a dempa world ~
02. Dempari Night [video]
03. Dance Dance Dance
05. FD2 ~Raison d’etre Daibouken~
06. Chururi Chururira [video]
07. Mamonaku, Dempagumi.inc ga Ririku Itashimasu
08. Dear Stage e Youkoso
09. Bari3 Republic [video]
10. Fancy Hoppe U FU FU [video]
11. Lemon Iro [video]
12. Brandnew World
13. Irodori Sekai
14. Sakura Apparation [video]

Pre-order now directly from JPU Records, or purchase in advance at HYPER JAPAN.

Dempagumi.inc online:

JPU Records Online:

Otaku Superstars Dempagumi.inc Confirmed for HYPER JAPAN This Summer!


Super colourful, mega energetic idol group Dempagumi.inc will be heading to the HYPER JAPAN Festival at The O2 in London this summer! They will be performing for one day only, Sunday 12th July, and will have an art exhibition about them installed throughout the three days of the Japanese festival.

Dempagumi.inc is Mirin Furukawa, Risa Aizawa, Nemu Yumemi, Eimi Naruse, Ayane Fujisaki, and Moga Mogami. Every member is a hardcore otaku, whether for games, anime, manga or cosplay, and they all still actively pursue their various passions alongside their singing career. From their humble origins as performers at Akihabara’s idol live house Dear Stage, the girls have now hit it big internationally, and have performed at concerts throughout Asia and in the US. Their domestic popularity continues to soar as well; last year they performed a solo concert to an audience of 10,000 fans at Tokyo’s prestigious Nippon Budokan, and their recent music releases continue to rank well within the Top 10 in Japan’s music charts (see here for their British iTunes).

They do an absolute bonkers cover of Beastie Boys’ Sabotage, check it out here, while below is one of their latest music videos:

Kanon x Kanon: The Euro 2011 Tour Finale Interview

On Friday 18 November 2011, visual duo Kanon x Kanon (pronounced ‘Kanon Kanon’) concluded their debut European tour with a performance at the O2 Bar Academy in Islington, London. The pair had been to Europe and the UK previously, but with their respective other projects; gothic Lolita cello-vocalist Kanon Wakeshima had performed a charity performance at Hyper Japan in London, while Kanon, the male bass-player of the popular oshare kei group An Cafe had been to Europe and the UK on several occasions with the band.

We caught up with the twosome in London for a chat about miracles, double decker buses,  and their plans for 2012… and is that a hint from Kanon that An Cafe will be back next year? Read on and find out.

In the meantime, Kanon x Kanon’s digital EPs are available now in the UK, more information on these is available on our site by clicking here.

For live photos from Kanon x Kanon’s London live performance, check out JPU buddy Kevin Gilvear’s gallery of the evening by clicking here, and also by viewing our slideshow at the end of this interview.

You’ve both played and visited Great Britain before, please tell us about your impressions of it.

Kanon says:
“I love the buildings and architecture here, they’re so cute! I could walk around British towns all day long and never be bored.”

Kanon says:
“Double decker buses!
They are cool.”

What can we expect in 2012 from Kanon x Kanon?

Kanon says:
“We want to visit more places and maybe release some new songs, but we’re doing things at our own tempo.”

After touring with the all-boy company of An Cafe, how do you find touring with a girl?

Kanon says:
“Aaaaaaah…. touring with the An Cafe guys is great!
I miss touring with the boys…”

And how’s life on tour with a boy for you, Ms. Wakeshima?

Kanon says:
It’s ok. :)”

The internet has been rife with rumours that An Cafe will be back in the summer of 2012, are these rumours true?

Kanon says:
“An Cafe is still on hiatus…
But there’s always a chance that we’ll get back together.”

And what are your plans for your solo career, Kanon Wakeshima?

Kanon says:
“I’ve been conducting my solo shows in Japan for the past few months. They’ll run for four consecutive months in total, and the final date of the tour will happen when I return to Japan. The tour is produced entirely by myself and the songs I play are my new songs, which I also produced. I’m hoping that these songs will go towards my next album.”

Tonight is the final date of your Kanon x Kanon x Kanon Euro Tour 2011, what have been the highlights?

Kanon says:
“I had some technical problems with my DJ set in Moscow. It was the first date of the tour and I was worried I’d have problems for all the dates. But now the tour is over I feel relieved that there wasn’t any major problems.”

Kanon says:
“For me, the biggest highlight was visiting new countries for the first time and having the people welcome us with so much energy. Their energy gives me the power to continue. Thank you all so much.”

On this tour, Kanon Wakeshima allowed fans to request anime themes for her to cover. Did some of their choices surprise you?

Kanon says:
“Yes! Pandora Hearts! I’m surprised people outside of Japan know this anime, it’s kind of niche in Japan. So I was wondering how they know it.”

Kanon says:
“‘Moonlight Densetsu‘ from Sailor Moon! There were so many requests for this song. I was also surprised, like Kanon, at how European people watch and learn about anime. There was lots of requests from K-On!, it made me think ‘hmm, is K-On! popular in Europe?'”

Were there any anime songs that Kanon secretly requested for Kanon Wakeshima to play?

Kanon says:
“Yes! You can guess my request, you saw it when you arrived.” [when I got to the venue, I caught Kanon playing around with Miku Hatsune stuff – Tom]

Which Japanese artists do you think we should keep an eye on in 2012?

Kanon says:
Tom H@ck! He worked on a lot of the music from K-On! and these songs have become so popular in Japan. He’s a great musician and a great guitarist. I think 2012 will be a big year for him.” [He also works heavily with the visual kei group SuG – Tom]

Kanon says:
“Hmm, I’m not really into current pop music so I’m not sure… but idol groups have become popular again, so maybe they will continue to be strong next year.”

It’s almost the end of the year, do you have any new year resolutions for 2012? And did you achieve your  resolution for this year?

Kanon says:
“Yes, I accomplished this year’s resolution. And next year I will be very busy, so my resolution is to work hard.”

Kanon says:
“I can’t remember my resolution from last year…
But for 2012 I want to make miracles!”

Do you have any final messages for fans in the UK?

Kanon says:
“As always, thank you for your support UK! I will try my best, both in Kanon x Kanon and in An Cafe, if we decide to start again. Eitherway, please support me.”

Kanon says:
“Tom, thank you for always supporting me. And thank you to the people of Great Britain too, of course. I’m thinking of creating some new and exciting for next year, so I hope people will enjoy it.”

Here are some images of Kanon x Kanon’s London show, courtesy of Kevin Gilvear.

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