5 Reasons to Visit JPU Records at HYPER JAPAN


EIR AOI - D'AZUR1. Meet Eir Aoi!
Yep! JPU Records will not only be exclusively selling Eir Aoi’s official merchandise and albums, but every Eir Aoi CD sold at HYPER JAPAN comes with a token to meet the singer and get stuff signed! Purchases over £18.50 also receive a special postcard. We will be stocking several sizes of her “EIR AOI ROCK THE WORLD 2015” tour shirt, as well as Eir Aoi wristbands in blue, green and red.


JPU011 Dempagumi.inc WWDD2. Get Dempagumi.inc’s album before it’s official release!
The otaku idol’s CD will get its official European release in August, but you can get it right now by visiting JPU Records at HYPER JAPAN! Why not come and grab their brightly coloured (and brilliant!) album and see them live in the same day! The girls will be the Festival Stage on Friday 10 July with JPU Tom for a special talk at 6:30pm, and they’ll then perform on the HYPER LIVE Stage at 10:45am on Saturday 11 July and close the HYPER LIVE stage on Sunday 12 July at 4:45pm. There’s also a chance to meet the band and get the CD signed on Saturday.

Here’s the full stage schedule for all the acts. (Save it! Very useful!)

JPU014-Ling tosite sigure-Best of Tornado-cover3. Get Ling tosite sigure’s Best of Tornado CD before release date too!
Not only have we licensed Ling tosite sigure’s killer Best of Tornado album (featuring 14 tracks re-mastered by John Davis (Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood, the Prodigy)), but we will have it available to buy nearly a MONTH before its 7 August release date! The band will be in London on Saturday 11 July to join VAMPS and [Alexandros] at JAPAN NIGHT at inidgo at The O2. Alternatively, get the album right now on iTunes!

4. Friday is the re-release date of NIL from the GazettE!
That’s reason enough to come and visit us, isn’t it?! We’ll have the album, fresh off the press, along with the band’s other releases through JPU Records, as well as a selection of super rare singles and EPs from their indie days. Not to be missed for any hardened fan!

5. Meet the JPU Records team!
Not sure why anyone would want to, but if you do, you can! We’re not only there to flog you a couple of CDs or vinyl, but also to offer advice, recommend and suggest bands, and just have a bit of a chin-wag about music in general!

HYPER JAPAN is the UK’s largest celebration of Japanese pop culture and takes places from Friday 10 – Sunday 12 July 2015 at The O2 in London.

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