ROVO and SYSTEM 7 Bring Phoenix Rising Tour to the UK: March 2014


ROVO and SYSTEM 7 - phoenix risingJapan’s popular progressive-rock jamsters ROVO, featuring guitarist Seiichi Yamamoto (of Boredoms fame) will join forces with British electronica outfit SYSTEM 7 to recreate their phenomenal album PHOENIX RISING, live. Four very special tour dates have been announced; Manchester Ritz (7 March), London O2 Islington Academy (8 March), Brighton Concorde 2 (9 March) and The Leamington Assembly Rooms (10 March).

Tickets are available by clicking here, and includes 5-track EP Hintori for free! Check out the video at the end of the article to hear the title track.

The tour has been masterminded by progressive rock / electronica guitarist Steve Hillage from System 7, who was recently given the The Visionary Award at the Progressive Music Awards 2013.

For those unfamiliar, ROVO features two drummers, funky bass and innovative keyboards and are fronted by guitarist Seiichi Yamamoto and masterful electric violinist Yuji Katsui. SYSTEM 7 is the dance music project of Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy that presents a unique combination of tech-house beats and live musicianship. The band has had a strong influence on the development of psychedelic ambient and electronica.

PHOENIX RISING live is a combined show of System 7 and ROVO playing together, utilising the techno beats as the rhythmic basic and live drums, seamlessly morphing into each other.

Book tickets now.

Ling tosite sigure’s Sensational New Album i’mperfect to be Released in the UK and Europe from 24 June

JPU Records is proud to announce that it will be releasing i’mperfect, the ground-breaking new album from Japanese sensation Ling tosite sigure (pronounced Rin Tosh-teh Shi-goo-reh).

The album made its debut in Japan’s Oricon album chart today, smashing into fourth position. The news that it will be coming to Europe – the group’s first release outside of Japan – has already made the news across Japan’s major music and entertainment press, including MTV Japan, Yahoo! and Natalie.

Hailing from Saitama, just north of Tokyo, the trio has managed to smash through the country’s notorious indie rock scene to become one of the most talked about new bands of the decade. Their ferocious yet beautiful arrangements feature sharp and technical guitar work; thick, distorted basslines; and aggressively progressive beats set against haunting, intertwined male-female vocals. It all contributes to i’mperfect being one of the most refreshing, unique and powerful albums of the year.

1. Beautiful Circus (<-click for the music video)
2. abnormalize (<-click for the music video)
3. Metamorphose
4. Filmsick Mystery
5. Sitai miss me
6. make up syndrome (album mix)
8. KIMITOOKU (キミトオク)
9. Missing ling

Release Date: 24 June 2013
Formats: CD and MP3
Territory: the UK, Europe and Russia
Order From: Amazon UK, iTunes UK, Amazon DE, iTunes DE, (more stores coming soon)

To celebrate the release Ling tosite sigure’s official Youtube channel has been opened up to international fans for the first time. Check it out by clicking here.We’ll leave you with the music video to their smash hit single abnormalize, which is also used as the opening theme to hot new anime series PSYCHO PASS.

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