New Single from Hard Rockers, lynch.: BALLAD

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lynch. are generally posted as a hard metal band. In the past when we’ve reviewed their releases, we’ve even gone so far as to describe them as masters of metalcore. However, with thier new single, they seem to have forgotten they are raging rockers and taken up with some melancholy piano playing instead. BALLAD is set for release in Europe and Japan tomorrow (20th February), and this is no ordinary four-to-the-floor release from them.

When we first recieved our copy of this single from their European record label, we were really surprised by BALLAD, and how moody and soft it is. As vocalist Hazuki pointed out on his Twitter, the B-side CRYSTALIZE, sounds more like a lead track for lynch., but they went with BALLAD instead because it ballances out their heavier sound. To be honest, we aren’t fussed what kind of song Hazuki wants to song, we’re sure his voice sounds fantastic no matter what. BALLAD is very melancholic, but with strong vocals and a complex arrangement it makes a very convincing single.

CRYSTALIZE is a more straight up rock song, but wether it was originally intended as the lead track or not, it is too simple to be a single by itself. That said, where BALLAD is full of feelings, and piano, and great vocals, CRYSTALIZE reminds you that lynch. are usually more hard core.

This single is a great addition to lynch.’s fantastic recent releases, and we have to give them credit for their release schedule. Eight months ago they gave us a full album, INFERIORITY COMPLEX. Four months ago, they dropped their single, LIGHTENING. They are piling us with up with great music, and we love that.

You can watch the music video for BALLAD below. The single will be available from 20 February for download and stream in Europe and Japan.

We recommend this single to fans of DEATHGAZE, Gackt or CROSSFAITH

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Artist: lynch.

BALLAD (4.17)

Release Date: 20 February 2013

Available from: Amazon MP3, iTunes, Spotify

LM.C: DOUBLE DRAGON Single Out Now Across Europe

Draconic duo maya and Aiji, otherwise known as LM.C, see the year out by dropping their brand new single across Europe. Out now digitally through Gan Shin Records, DOUBLE DRAGON packs two hi-energy party anthems; it’s title track, and a new version of their classic ‘Rock the LM.C‘.

DOUBLE DRAGON is the ‘new century electronic rock’ act’s first new single since those of 2012’s album STRONG POP, and continues the pair’s style of bright and happy pop-rock music. DOUBLE DRAGON is a guitar riff-lead track that we’d place somewhere between OH MY JULIET meets their previous single Ah Hah!, combing a guitar-riff heavy melody with a catchy chorus. ‘Rock the LM.C’ on the other hand, sees a digital re-imagining of the song originally found on 2008’s Super Glitter Loud Box. It’s fresh enough to sound new, but not too drastically different that it’ll offend fans of the original.


01. DOUBLE DRAGON (4:06)
02. Rock the LM.C (4:34)

European Release Date: 18 December 2012.

Available from iTunes and Amazon MP3 across Europe.

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