LM.C’s New Album Bringing All The Best B-Sides to Europe

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How’s your alphabet? Got all your A’s, B’s and LM.C’s? They aren’t convinced. LM.C think you might be missing a few essential B’s, so they have brought their latest album full of B-Side BEST!! to Europe. How kind of them!

Starting as a live band project and finding major Visual Kei success in 2006, this electro-rock guitar duo have carved out a style of their very own with their loud, bright costumes and seriously complicated music. With all their experiments and adventurous sounds, it’s fair to say that LM.C are one of the most musically interesting Visual Kei units there is. Maya and Aiji are veterans of how to rock, and get a chance to show it off with this heavy B-Side party.

This seventeen track album collects B-Sides from throughout Maya and Aiji’s entire career together, including some contributed by their evil alter egos, THE MAD LM.C. We can see why LM.C have decided to make an album by collecting all these tracks together – it’s time they had their chance to shine. The chance to get whimsical and weird on B-Side tracks has always been a thrill for this band, and it has produced some seriously cool music.

Out of the seventeen tracks, it’s difficult to choose highlights, but the return of Haunted House make a Secret and …with VAMPIRE has got to be a big one. Two of LM.C’s debut tracks, these creepy, sweet songs will LM.C press photo B-Side BEST!!-001have you groovin’ in no time. The combination of electronic samba rhythms, rap vocals and super heavy guitar, which all became B-Side staples for LM.C, started with these tracks.

For a different sound, check out ningyo no namida, a ska driven track with a killer guitar solo in LM.C’s favourite gritty, tough guitar sound. It also features some random steel drum sounds which momentarily transport you to the Caribbean. Alternatively, try Bad Spider or Shibuya Cantabile for some super speedy riffs and curious lyrics. No matter where you look on this track-list, there’s something exciting.

The album closes with three of LM.Cs most recent B-Sides, contributed by evil reincarnate, THE MAD LM.C. It must be useful having an alter ego this good at writing B-Sides, their remix of ★Rock the LM.C★ will knock your socks off.

As an all ’round album, this album showcases a full timeline of LM.C’s best experiments, hard rock and the cutest vocals you’ll hear this year. Furthermore, how often do you stumble upon a band whose sole purpose in life seem to be to scare you with cuteness? Not often, so you should definitely consider acquiring it from our good friends over at GAN-SHIN immediately.

Title: B-Side BEST!!
Release Date: June 28th, 2013

1. GEKI FANFARE (4:04)LM.C_JWL_0508A
2. @Funny Phantom@ (4:27)
3. mR. century (4:07)
4. Haunted House make a Secret (4:43)
5. marble-s (4:40)
6. maple leaf (4:46)
7. Tiny Circus (4:19)
8. …with VAMPIRE (3:38)
9. DAYS (3:52)
10. ningyo no namida (3:59)
11. A Blueberry Night (4:07)
13. Bad Spider (3:36)
14. Shibuya Cantabile (4:48)
15. ★Rock the LM.C★ by THE MAD LM.C (4:37)
16. No Fun. No Future. by THE MAD LM.C (2:58)
17. MAD or DIE by THE MAD LM.C (3:59)

Available from: iTunes and Amazon mp3 NOW!

LM.C: DOUBLE DRAGON Single Out Now Across Europe

Draconic duo maya and Aiji, otherwise known as LM.C, see the year out by dropping their brand new single across Europe. Out now digitally through Gan Shin Records, DOUBLE DRAGON packs two hi-energy party anthems; it’s title track, and a new version of their classic ‘Rock the LM.C‘.

DOUBLE DRAGON is the ‘new century electronic rock’ act’s first new single since those of 2012’s album STRONG POP, and continues the pair’s style of bright and happy pop-rock music. DOUBLE DRAGON is a guitar riff-lead track that we’d place somewhere between OH MY JULIET meets their previous single Ah Hah!, combing a guitar-riff heavy melody with a catchy chorus. ‘Rock the LM.C’ on the other hand, sees a digital re-imagining of the song originally found on 2008’s Super Glitter Loud Box. It’s fresh enough to sound new, but not too drastically different that it’ll offend fans of the original.


01. DOUBLE DRAGON (4:06)
02. Rock the LM.C (4:34)

European Release Date: 18 December 2012.

Available from iTunes and Amazon MP3 across Europe.

LM.C: The Pop Is Strong With This One

We promise that title is the one and only ‘May the 4th’ joke you’ll be getting from us, at least for this year. But, along with a sea of poorly executed Star Wars-based date puns comes the European digital release of LM.C’s latest album STRONG POP. It’s available now from Amazon.co.uk and iTunes UK, while the physical CD will be released from 21st May and includes two exclusive bonus tracks not found on the Japanese version.

1. Be STRONG, Be Pop.
2. Ah Hah!
6. Goak-On-SOUL
7. We are LM.C!!~The Anthem of Strong Pop~
9. COMBAT mode
10. peekaboo
11. Hoshi no Arika
12. Nanimo Hajimaranakatta Ichinichi no Owarini
13. Let Me’ Crazy!!
14. Ah Hah! (Apple Crush Mix)
15. GAME of LIFE (Surprise Mix)

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LM.C Tour VIP Upgrades On Sale Now

In case you missed the news earlier this year, the new century electrockers LM.C are back in the UK on Wednesday 23 May as part of their STRONG POP-world tour (click the link for ticket details). However, if you want MORE maya and Aiji for your money, the pair are offering a limited bunch of VIP upgrades on tickets that will include an exclusive laminate, postcard and sticker, as well as a chance to meet and great the duo and have priority entry to the show.

VIP upgrades go one sale from 4 April and can be purchased for €69 by clicking here.
The following shows will have VIP upgrades available:

13 May: Tavastia / Helsinki [FI]
15 May: Columbia Club / Berlin [DE]
16 May: Proxima / Warsaw [PL]
17 May: Club 202 / Budapest [HU]
19 May: Backstage / Munich [DE]
20 May: KAO / Lyon [FR]
21 May: Bataclan / Paris [FR]
23 May: Relentless Garage / London [UK]
24 May: Zeche / Bochum [DE]

LM.C’s latest single Ah Hah! is also out now in the UK.

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