New Album from Matenrou Opera, Out Now in Europe

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Magnificent symphonic metal band, Matenrou Opera (Skyscraper Opera) are bringing their new album, Kassai to Gekijou no Gloria, to Europe with Gan-Shin Records. Don’t let the long, complex Japanese name put you off though, these guys are here with good purpose. If you do not believe it is possible to blend heavy metal, choir and electro, you have to listen to this album, if only to prove that it can be done. And it can be done well.

We mourned the end of the glorious Visual Kei project Versailles just a few months ago with the announcement that they would be ceasing activities at the end of 2012. But after signing to Versailles’ record label, Sherow Artist Society, Matenrou Opera have learned a lot from their metal mentors. Their sound has grown more and more complex, combining their signature operatic sound with hard metal styling, plus some surprising electonic mixing.

This album features several singles as well as a couple of B-side tracks and a couple more original tracks. The sound is varied, but it seems that Matenrou have been writing singles keeping an album theme in mind, as there is a definate thread throughout. The same combination of choral vocals along with complex riffs and heavy drumming feature in most tracks. Matenrou’s greatest asset is the huge, operatic voice of vocalist, Sono, which truly gives the band their name. His range is very impressive and his style, which is very quintesential to Visual Kei, is totally different from that of your average metal band singer. Furthermore, Matenrou Opera specialise in writing very fast, long songs. Every track by them resembles a small musical marathon. All of this combined makes for a very exciting, dramatic album. Our favourite tracks are Inovational Symphonia and lead track Kassai to Gekijou no Gloria, as well as the two intstrumental tracks, which are super impressive technically.

We feel that Matenrou Opera are quite a ‘love them or hate them’ kind of band. Metal styled opera singing isn’t for everyone. However,if you enjoy the huge vocals, and the grand choral accompaniments, then you will probably love this album through and through and through again.

Check out the music video forKassai to Gekijou no Gloria below.

I would recomment Matenrou Opera to fans of Versailles, A(Ace) or Nightwish.

128955Artist: Matenrou Opera

1. -overture- (2:10)
2. GLORIA (5:05)
3. Plastic Lover (3:59)
4. Akuma no Tsubasa (5:00)
5. Freesia (5:07)
6. CAMEL (4:39)
7. Merry Drinker (4:44)
8. SWORD (5.12)
9. Innovational Symphonia (3.47)
10. Eien no Blue (7.44)
11. Midnight Fanfare (4:21)
12. Kassai to Gekijou no Gloria (6:16)

Release Date: 6 March 2013

Available From: Amazon mp3, iTunes, Spotify

LM.C: DOUBLE DRAGON Single Out Now Across Europe

Draconic duo maya and Aiji, otherwise known as LM.C, see the year out by dropping their brand new single across Europe. Out now digitally through Gan Shin Records, DOUBLE DRAGON packs two hi-energy party anthems; it’s title track, and a new version of their classic ‘Rock the LM.C‘.

DOUBLE DRAGON is the ‘new century electronic rock’ act’s first new single since those of 2012’s album STRONG POP, and continues the pair’s style of bright and happy pop-rock music. DOUBLE DRAGON is a guitar riff-lead track that we’d place somewhere between OH MY JULIET meets their previous single Ah Hah!, combing a guitar-riff heavy melody with a catchy chorus. ‘Rock the LM.C’ on the other hand, sees a digital re-imagining of the song originally found on 2008’s Super Glitter Loud Box. It’s fresh enough to sound new, but not too drastically different that it’ll offend fans of the original.


01. DOUBLE DRAGON (4:06)
02. Rock the LM.C (4:34)

European Release Date: 18 December 2012.

Available from iTunes and Amazon MP3 across Europe.

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