the GazettE Unleash New Vision with Seventh Album BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY

Fresh from completing a world tour with sold out dates across Europe, Japan’s ‘visual kei’ veterans the GazettE return with their seventh full length album BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY, due for a worldwide digital release on 23 October, and a physical release in the UK, Europe and Russia from JPU Records.

BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY captures the essence of what it means to be an outsider. Since their inception over a decade ago, the GazettE have found themselves being somewhat of an anomaly – separated from regular bands and musicians. Their singles have continually ranked in the top ten in Japan, but their music is far too aggressive, dark and disturbing to be recognised as pop; their guitarmanship and sea of fans headbanging in unison at live shows is a spectacle to witness, but the band’s androgynous demeanour and attention to art and aesthetics makes them an irregularity in the rock and metal worlds. The album title, combined with its unusual artwork, is a physical representation of a band that never compromise in the way of expression.

The cover art is a further metaphor, envisaging a hybrid beast made from five distinct but very different creatures. “the GazettE’s creativity depends on the individuality of all five member of the band”, explains vocalist RUKI. “Our art is a distilled combination of audio and visual”.

JPU Records’ regular edition of the album will also marry the sound and vision of the GazettE. Its 24-page booklet embodies all 14-tracks with unique artwork depicting each song, while an additional booklet will be included exclusive to the UK, Europe and Russia, containing translations of the lyrics into English.

BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY will be released in 79 countries across the world from 23 October 2013, making it the GazettE’s biggest release so far as their overseas fandom continues to swell. If you haven’t already, it’s time to tune in and celebrate the beauty of deformity.

Pre-order details coming soon.


02. INSIDE BEAST (Teaser Video)
06. REDO
08. LOSS
12. Kuroku Sunda Sorato Zangaito Kataha
14. CODA

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the GazettE Line-up:
AOI – Guitar (twitter account)
REITA – Bass
RUKI – Vocals (twitter account)
KAI – Drums
URUHA – Guitar

the GazettE online:

JPU Records Online:

the GazettE – New Single FADELESS released in UK and Europe via JPU Records

Modern heroes of Japan’s ‘visual kei’ rock scene, the GazettE, return to cause chaos with their hotly anticipated single FADELESS – out now across the UK and Europe from London based label JPU Records.

The three-track release covers the topics of filthy desire, loss and ‘sex addiction’ – as the chorus of B-side FORBIDDEN BEAVER eloquently chants. Bass player REITA comments “We hope people will enjoy FADELESS as a complete package, including the B-sides. Each track is very different and should be listened to together to offer a balanced glimpse into the GazettE’s current sound.”

The single is released ahead of the GazettE’s world tour this September, and follows the rock group’s ‘stunning’ ( concept album DIVISION, which triumphantly entered Japan’s official album chart at number four – highly unusual for a heavy rock album. DIVISION also gained top ten positions across rock charts in Europe, leading to the GazettE being rated best band of 2012 by the readers of NEO Magazine, and claiming six out of 12 awards in the JpopAsia Awards 2012, including best album.

FADELESS, mixing the influential quintet’s punk roots while combining influences from progressive metal and J-rock reached #4 in the Weekly Oricon Single Chart in Japan upon release, and is the first single from the GazettE since 2011’s REMEMBER THE URGE. Despite two music videos released from DIVISION last year, including electronic-metal hybrid track DERANGEMENT (‘Best Video 2012’ – JpopAsia Awards 2012). Yet the band decided against releasing any tracks from the record as singles, arguing that the album should be experienced as a whole and not as individual tracks, much like FADELESS.

Now, with the GazettE’s seventh full-length album BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY readying itself for impact, and rumours about the band’s direction running rampant on the internet, FADELESS proves that the GazettE is far from fading away any time soon.

FADELESS Track List:

Available From: Amazon MP3 (UK), iTunes UK, Amazon MP3 (France), iTunes FR, Amazon MP3 (Germany), iTunes DE (Germany / Deutschland), Amazon MP3 (Spain), iTunes ES (Spain / España, Amazon MP3 (Italy), iTunes IT (Italy / Italia), iTunes AM (Armenia / Հայաստան), iTunes AT (Austria / Österreich), iTunes AZ (Azerbaijan / Azərbaycan), iTunes BY (Belarus / Белару́сь), iTunes CY (Cyprus / Κύπρος / Kıbrıs), iTunes CZ (Czech Republic / Česká republika), iTunes DK (Denmark / Danmark), iTunes EE (Estonia / Eesti), iTunes FI (Finland / Suomi), iTunes GR (Greece / Ελλάδα), iTunes HU (Hungary / Magyarország), iTunes IE (Ireland / Éire / Airlan), iTunes KZ (Kazakhstan / Qazaqstan / Казахстан), iTunes LV (Latvia / Latvija), iTunes LT (Lithuania / Lietuva), iTunes LU (Luxembourg), iTunes MT (Malta), iTunes MD (Moldova), iTunes NL (Netherlands / Nederland), iTunes NO (Norway / Norge / Noreg), iTunes PL (Poland / Polska), iTunes PT (Portugal), iTunes RO (Romania / România), iTunes RU (Russia / Россия)iTunes SK (Slovakia / Slovak), iTunes SI (Slovenia / Slovenija), iTunes SE (Sweden / Sverige), iTunes CH (Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse/ Svizzera / Svizra), iTunes TR (Turkey / Türkiye), iTunes UA (Ukraine / Україна).

the GazettE Line-up:
AOI – Guitar (twitter account)
REITA – Bass
RUKI – Vocals (twitter account)
KAI – Drums
URUHA – Guitar

the GazettE World Tour Dates:
06 September: Jose Cuervo Salon, Mexico City(MEXICO)SOLD OUT
08 September: Teatro Caupolican, Santiago(CHILE)
11 September: Teatro Vorterix, Buenos Aires(ARGENTINA)
14 September: Espaco Victory, Sao Paulo(BRAZIL)
20 September: Le Trianon, Paris(FRANCE)SOLD OUT
22 September: Le Phare, Toulouse(FRANCE)
25 September: FZW, Dortmund(GERMANY)SOLD OUT
27 September: Tonhalle, Munich(GERMANY)SOLD OUT
29 September: The Circus, Helsinki(FINLAND)SOLD OUT

the GazettE online:

JPU Records Online:

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