Girugamesh Confirm 2014 European Tour Dates!

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Girugamesh have confirmed their first European appearance in two years. The release of their latest album MONSTER proved (at least in our eyes), that the boys were back in business and a serious force to be reckoned with. Anyway, you’re here for those tour dates, so without further ado:

23 May – Bingo Club, Kiev [UKRAINE]
24 May – Moscow Hall, Moscow [RUSSIA]
25 May – Zal Ozhidaniya, St. Petersburg [RUSSIA]
27 May – Szene, Vienna [AUSTRIA]
28 May – Club 202, Budapest [HUNGARY]
30 May – Backstage Halle, Munich [GERMANY]
31 May – Colos-Saal, Ashchaffenburg [GERMANY]
01 June –  Divan du Monde, Paris [FRANCE]
03 June – Ninkasi Kao, Lyon [FRANCE]
05 June – Proxima, Warsaw [POLAND]
06 June – Zeche Carl, Essen [GERMANY]
07 June – LIDO, Berlin [GERMANY]
09 June – O2 Academy Islington, London [UK]
11 June – Nosturi, Helsinki [FINLAND]

MONSTER is out now, buy it on CD from Amazon, or stream it free of charge from their Soundcloud page. In the meantime, here’s the promotional video they’ve made for the tour, along with cringe inducing English sentences, and Nii-high socks. We’ll get our coats… tickets go on sale from 24 January.

An Cafe Back with New Album and Fourth World Tour!

Time to get the pink fluffy stuff off the shelf and restock on glitter; An Cafe are back, and they may just be playing in a town near you. Between February and March 2014 the man-boys will embark on the European section of their fourth ‘world’ tour, this one entitled ‘LIVE CAFE TOUR 2014 – NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLD IV ~kawaii Cafekko AISHITERU~’. BUT! That’s not all! to show all the Cafekko (the name of their fans) out there just how much they AISHITERU you, they’ll be dropping their spanking new album this month; Hikagyaku ZiprocK.

More on that below, for now here are those tour dates:

21.02.2014 Zeche Carl, Essen [Germany]
22.02.2014 LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart [Germany]
25.02.2014 Szene, Vienna [Austria]
26.02.2014 Proxima, Warsaw [Poland]
27.02.2014 Club 202, Budapest [Hungary]
01.03.2014 Backstage Halle, Munich [Germany]
02.03.2014 Lido, Berlin [Germany]
04.03.2014 Ninkasi Kao, Lyon [France]
06.03.2014 Trabendo, Paris [France]
07.03.2014 O2 Islington, London [UK]
09.03.2014 Volta Club, Moscow [Russian]
11.03.2014 Tavastia, Helsinki [Finland]

Hikagyaku ZiprocK is the ‘Harajuku Dance Rock’ act’s fifth full-length album and is due for release across Europe this December courtesy of Gan Shin.
Hikagyaku ZiprocK An Cafe CD01. Juryoku Scandalous
02. ROMAN ~Let’s make precious love~
03. Hachimitsu+Lemon=?
04. Utsukushi Hito
05. Gendai Soldier Now.
06. O No Saki Ga Ienai
07. Shomi Kigen 2010.01.04
09. Inazuma no Senritsu
10. Bee Myself Bee Yourself ~Jibun Rashiku Kimi Rashiku Umareta Story wa Hajimattenda
11. Kiminomachi ~5 person sing along ver.~
12. Itsumo no Kiss de / MaT
13. Love Me♡Tender / Paku x2 Pakuchi
14. Merry Making ~Anti-aging ver~

You can order it now on CD from Amazon by clicking here. If you can’t wait until the European release date, the Japanese Limited Edition is also available by clicking here.

In the meantime, here’s Miku as a girl:

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