POLYSICS’ Hayashi Reveals His Top 10 Albums of 2013

With the new year well under way, we decided to catch up with Hayashi, frontman of the mighty POLYSICS, to see what were his top ten records of the year gone. It’s worth noting that in 2013 POLYSICS released a special European edition of their album Weeeeeeeeee!!!, containing exclusive bonus tracks. The CD and MP3 is out now from JPU Records.

!!! - THR!!!ER1. !!! – THR!!!ER

“From the first sound of the album I almost said ‘Cool!’ so much the sound and the groove exited me. I will definitely listen to it next year as well.”
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Daft Punk - Random Access Memories2. DAFT PUNK – RANDOM ACCESS MEMORIES

“The basic is 70’s disco sound or AOR but the audio treatment of the vocoder is of current time. You don’t know to which era the album belongs, which makes it a great album.”
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“POLYSICS joined the same compilation album as their song ‘Climbing Walls’. I loved the synthesiser arrangement and repeatedly listened to that song so I was happy to have their full album at last!”
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Factory Floor - Factory Floor4. FACTORY FLOOR – FACTORY FLOOR

“When most of the dance music has a tendency to use heavy sound, they are one of the few to use minimal beats and arrangements. A very fresh sound. I would love to see their live.”
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SEXY SUSHI - Vous n'allez pas repartir les mains vides?5. SEXY SUSHI – VOUS N’ALLEZ PAS REPARTIR LES MAINS VIDES?

“We played together in a France. Their live performance reminded me of a contemporary Psychic TV. They have a dark electro sound close to the style of ATATAK and cute vocals.”
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Kanye West - Yeezus6. KANYE WEST – YEEZUS

“I bought it immediately after hearing it in a record shop. The distorted rhythm and synthesiser was so impressive it felt industrial. The very simple design of the jacket is also very cool.”
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Gary Numan - Splinter7. GARY NUMAN – SPLINTER

“The beat and noise is so intense, it reminded me of Nine Inch Nails. The fact a veteran artist can make new challenges in the making of such an album is something great!”
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miracle - mercury8. MIRACLE – MERCURY

“A message was in the record shop: ‘if you like 80’s you will like this!’ grabbed my intention and I bought the album. It was 80’s dark synthesiser music that I love. Thank you to anyone who wrote the message!”
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Pretty & Nice - Us You All We9. PRETTY & NICE – US YOU ALL WE

“Complex drum fills right after rock guitar with pop melodies. The songs go to unexpected directions which is very thrilling! That kind of music must be fun to listen and play.”
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“Techno, Alternative, Punk, Tropical(!) etc, an instrument band mixing up many exciting elements. The live performance must be fun. Their arrangement is explosive!”
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We’ve also made a Spotify playlist of the POLYSICS’ top ten. Click here to have a listen!
Anyway, now we’ll leave you with the video to Lucky Star, from POLYSICS’ Weeeeeeeeee!!! album.


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2 Responses to POLYSICS’ Hayashi Reveals His Top 10 Albums of 2013

  1. ??? says:

    Was there any mention of Kaku P-Model’s latest album? It was released late in the year but I’m surprised–no, horrified–at what was on his list instead. I’ll just hope that it wasn’t definitive and is just what he was most pleasantly surprised by, or what western albums he enjoyed (if it’s right to describe Australia as being in the west, lol).

  2. Tom Smith says:

    Top tens are always hard to compile, and there are always sacrifices. We quite liked that the albums he liked most were of a western flavour.

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