Sputniko! Amongst VOGUE JAPAN’s Women of the Year 2013

Not only is a musician amongst VOGUE JAPAN’s Women of the Year 2013, it’s our long-time buddy Sputniko! The electro-pop, robot-creating artist who created a female-cyborg sushi machine that hunted yakuza (year really, here’s a video), a menstruation machine so men could feel the pain and discomfort of menstrual cramps and intermittent bleeding (she even made a song about it: video), and a robo-crow that allowed her to make regular crows into her friends and minions. (video)

We did our very first Japan Underground DJ set with Sputniko! on a boat party on the Thames back in 2010, a lot has changed since then, especially for the young artist. Upon graduating university she went back to Japan and signed a major record AND art deal that’s had her touring the world with exhibitions and installations, as well as a regular on Japanese TV to talk about science, technology, art and the environment. She combined all of those things when she created the Nanohana Heels; a pair of shoes that plant seeds with every step. Check out the video.

Recently English updates from camp Sputniko are few and far between, but don’t let that stop you from keeping an eye on her YouTube Channel (her newest video, The Moonwalk Machine is on there too), Facebook page, and Twitter.

Well done Sputniko! The other winners were: Rila Fukushima (Actress), Chiharu (Model), Mami Sato(Athlete), Danmitsu (TV personality), Kayoko Okubo (TV personality), Hikari Mitsushima (Actress), Kiki Kirin(Actress), Kaoru Yachigusa(Actress)

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