Live Report: Perfume, London Shepherds Bush Empire

Friday 5th July 2013

Last Friday, London played host to the first ever UK show of electro-pop group, Perfume. After beginning their international campaign last year, Perfume’s complete discography has been made available around the world via iTunes and the group announced WORLD TOUR 2nd, a tour that would expand their horizons more than ever before, including a debut date in London.

Produced by one of Japan’s best DJs and armed with some of the most acclaimed choreography in pop culture today, Perfume have all the equipment for a knockout performance. Combining a vibrant electro-house sound with super sweet vocals, the music they create has the potential for a great big party live, so we were definitely looking forward to their performance since the announcement by Live Nation in April.

Fresh from successful sold-out performances in Germany and France, the trio did not disappoint! London fans were treated to a show bursting with light and electric dance moves as well as good tunes. Using projection mapping techniques popular among DJs all over the world, Perfume took electro to a new level, turning themselves into magical light screens during their performance. Their super-robot stage personalities are easily believable with the opening of the show including moving wings on their costumes which sparkled with projected lights.

Performing a mixed set list mostly of newer material, the group showed so much energy and excitement it was difficult not to get swept up and join in. Standout performances were a brilliant opening remix of Spending All My Time and the brand new dance track for this tour, Daijobanai. Fans were also touched by the performance of the super uplifting Dream Fighter, complete with translated lyrics and dance moves which the taught their audience during their comedy P.T.A Corner MC.

Completely denying language barriers, Perfume made good use of their talented fans by using a member of the audience to translate their MCs. The main topic of conversation was Fish & Chips, which made everyone hungry.

The show was also broadcast all over the world via Internet TV, meaning Perfume were able to show off to many more fans around the world than could fit into the Shepherds Bush Empire in London.

Since the beginning of their International Campaign in 2012, Perfume’s music has been released all over the world via iTunes. Making their music easily available has endeared them further to their many fans all over the world, and we’re sure this tour will also serve to impress many more fans of electro.

Although idols are commonplace in Japan, Perfume have levelled up to bring their super-robot powers to the international electro game, and we think they can only succeed. With mesmerising choreography, incredible light shows and just the right amount of humour, Perfume are ready to impress.

We were able to offer a few lucky followers of the Japan Underground Facebook some amazing Meet & Greet passes for the show. We hope they enjoyed the fantastic experience! (It looks like they did.)


Set List:
Spending All My Time (remix)
Magic of Love
Laser Beam
Spring of Life
Handy Man (instrumental)
Daijoibanai [I’m Not OK]
Electro World
P.T.A Corner (MC)
Dream Fighter
Chocolate Disco (remix)


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Formed almost entirely of glitter and hairspray, Chriss has been a music addict since she first dicovered Japanese rock music a great many years ago. An enthusiastic fashion addict, she has written research on the relationships between music and fashion in Japan and continues to expand on it with as many trips to Japanese music events as she can afford.

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