Cibo Matto – Meltdown London Tonight

New York’s Shibuya-kei twosome Cibo Matto (meaning ‘Crazy Food’ in Italian) smash London tonight for the first time in 15 years! Yoko Ono’s London Meltdown festival to thank for it, running since yesterday until 23 June.

Cibo Matto formed during the mid 90s, alongside friends and collaborators such as The Beastie Boys, John Zorn and Beck. Since the release of their debut album Viva! La Woman in 1996, they have established themselves as musical innovators. Together, they made the iconic music video for their single ‘Sugar Water’ (below)- directed by the legendary French filmmaker – Michel Gondry. After the release of their second record, Stereotype A, the band stopped performing and recording, as Miho Hatori appeared on the Gorillaz hit single ’19-2000′ and the first Gorillaz album and Yuka C. Honda was producing records for Yoko Ono and Martha Wainwright.

Other acts to look out for during Meltdown include Deerhoof (21st), Bo Ningen (2oth) and music legend Ryuichi Sakamoto (19th).

Tickets for Cibo Matto range from £12.50 – £17.50 and are available by clicking here.


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