THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S Cancel London Show

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but on this case it was pretty obvious from the start it was never going to happen… THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S have had to pull out of their London date, set for 2 March at the Highbury Garage, along with dates in Milano and Paris.

Promoters B7Klan comments “We are sorry to announce that due to very low ticket sales, we are obliged to cancel the MICRO HEAD 4N’S shows in Milano, London and Paris. The other shows are still confirmed! We have been debating about the decline of J-Rock a few months ago and we are facing it right now. The ticket sales have never been so bad and we are sorry to say that we will probably slow down our Japanese activities since it goes worse and worse. The people who already bought tickets will be reimbursed and we will come shortly with process through our website. Thank you for your understanding.”

The promoters blame poor ticket sales, but at £28.25 (plus fees) is anyone really surprised? You can buy headline tickets to see both upcoming shows from Crossfaith (news story) and FACT (FB event page) and still have a tenner left over for beers for the price B7Klan were charging for a band lacking a following. Optimistic doesn’t even begin to cover the thought process behind this one… is there a decline in “J-Rock” over here? If you ask us, the answer is no, just a decline in sensible decision making.

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2 Responses to THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S Cancel London Show

  1. Honey says:

    Yeah I think they were expecting too much. Don’t get me wrong, D’espairsRay was my favourite band and I went to both Hyper Japan days that the Micro Heads were there, but even I wondered how on earth the Micro Heads were supposed to fill The Garage. They aren’t a big band, they aren’t well known, not many people like their music. I love zero and Tsukasa to pieces and am sad it’s not happening but i can see why, and it’s because of bad judgement on the promoters part. Maybe if they had brought the Micro heads plus another lesser known Jrock band it might have succeeded but for many the ex-members draw was not enough to warrant going.

    I’m not angry just disappointed.

    Also them stating that they won’t be doing many Japanese band events in future disappoints me, they say that interest is in decline but surely awareness of how good jrock can be needs to be raised. It needs a big band, and lots of exposure then more jrock bands will be able to come over. At current Crossfaith are achieving this, and I’m so pleased for them!

  2. kyotaku says:

    Same as in a comment above, I don’t think this band was popular enough to pull it off. Members surely are some well known people, however I found the price too high. Even tickets for concerts of better known and longer exsisting bands didn’t cost so much. Almost 30 quid for a band with a total of 8 released songs (according to their OHP)? Sorry, no.
    I hope promoters will have a more realistic look at the music market in the future, but won’t be discouraged entirely!

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