Gunji the fool x ADAPTER Invading Europe This February


Meet the Digital Brothers, Gunji the fool and ADAPTER. You may recognise them from their numerous previous projects. Gunji the fool was previously Gunji from the band the fool, and ADAPTER is Fukusuke, who began his career in the electro-visual band Metronome. Fukusuke also participates in other famous electro-visual projects, FLOPPY and GalapagosS. If you’ve been hanging around Japan Underground for a while, you might even have seen GalapagosS play at one of our shows, and a very very good show it was too. So we’re absolutely thrilled to be seeing that Japanese electro will be returning to London for a show with these guys on Saturday February 9th.

The tour, which is apptly named Digital Brothers Invade to EURO 2013, will take the duo to France, Belgium, Russia, Germany and the Netherlands. If you like little, cute, intimate club events, you should definately pay them a visit because these lives are going to be a lot of fun. Check out the videos below to have a little taste of what these rocking electro boys have to offer.

The London show will be Saturday 9 February, 5pm at London Anime Con, The Rocket Complex.
You can get tickets online for £9 here
And check out the Facebook event here


About Chriss
Formed almost entirely of glitter and hairspray, Chriss has been a music addict since she first dicovered Japanese rock music a great many years ago. An enthusiastic fashion addict, she has written research on the relationships between music and fashion in Japan and continues to expand on it with as many trips to Japanese music events as she can afford.

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