lynch. at LIGHTENING Speed

It has been a mere four months since the release of their album, INFERIORITY COMPLEX, but lynch. are back already with more new material. Featuring two new tracks, LIGHTENING is a fast paced and exciting new single from a band who are masters of metalcore. Part of the Nagoya niche of Visual Kei, lynch. focus their attention on making good metal rather than good looks.

The lead track showcases all of the glorious vocals that make this band truly special. I’ve heard too many hard metal bands who have fantastic music and are so keen to show it off, they seem to fade their vocalists into accompaniment status. None of this rubbish will be found with lynch., however. The vocals are strong and smooth with well timed break downs into glorious screaming.

The B-side track, THE MORNING GLOW, is calmer – but only slightly. This band possess the ability to retain a whirlwind rhythm throughout even their most toned down tracks, so it’s unsurprising that their B-side is only a fraction less full on than the single itself.

Bass line and drumming for both tracks is pleasingly complex and make this single a great listen for anyone who appreciates a rocket powered rhythm. I like to think of lynch. as a glamorous alternative to power metal, and with this single they have deepened my affection. Blast beat drumming combined with strangely calming vocals to create a very listenable mix for any metal fan.

You can watch the music video for LIGHTENING below. This single will be available digitally in Europe for download and stream.

I would recommend lynch. to fans of System of a Down, the GazettE or DEATHGAZE.

Artist: lynch.

1. LIGHTENING (3:23)

Release Date: 24/10/2012

Available From: Amazon MP3 (UK), Amazon MP3 (Germany)

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Formed almost entirely of glitter and hairspray, Chriss has been a music addict since she first dicovered Japanese rock music a great many years ago. An enthusiastic fashion addict, she has written research on the relationships between music and fashion in Japan and continues to expand on it with as many trips to Japanese music events as she can afford.

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