Coppe’, ‘Godmother of Japanese Electronica’ to hit UK with Tour and Backcatalogue

Coppe’, the ‘legendary Godmother of Japanese electronica’ is currently in the UK getting soaked and swept sideways by our rubbish weather. She’ll also be performing her very unique and fun stage show in Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol and London while she’s over, as well as making her backcatalogue available digitally for the first time in this territory.

The digital diva will be hitting the following places on her tour;

  • Thursday 27th September: The Grain Barge, Hotwells, Bristol
  • Saturday 29th September: Cyberdog, Camden, London – exclusive in-store event
  • Thursday 4th October: Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham
  • Saturday 6th October: Ginglik, Shepherds Bush, London
  • Sunday 7th October: The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton
  • Friday 12th October: Ether Festival, South Bank Centre, London

A discount on tickets is available to all Cyberdog Brighton customers for Coppe’s show in the town (city?). Just pop in and ask them about it.

Coppe’ (also written as Coppé), was originally a child star in Japan. After studying classical piano from the age of three, she went on to win a Nihon Record Taisho (an award sometimes dubbed as the Japanese Grammys) for her song ‘Peke no Uta’. If you can find it on YouTube, let us know!

According to her wikipedia page she also won a Chibikko Nodojiman award while still in elementary school for her song ‘Red Red Balloon’ and was regularly on a weekly NHK show Uta No Tomodachi as a child. Makes our prepubescent lives of playing Amiga and SNES seem a bit trivial… On top of all that, she also has great English skills, which led to her being on a NHK show based on learning English. Other TV shows in which she made regular appearances include TBS’s Jikan Desuyo and Ginza Now, NTV’s Shower Gang (stop smirking) and the music program Poppers MTV where she interviewed many foreign artists including Ray Charles, Bob Marley, James Brown, Madonna, the Police, Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson.

Oh yeah, she’s also an electronica queen! In 1995 she self-released her first album, and hasn’t looked back since. She’s even gone on to colloborate with a bunch of artists we’re not even gonna pretend we’re cool enough to have heard of, including Plaid, Q-Bert, DJ Vadim, ex-Orb member Kris Weston, Senior Coconut, Tipsy, Peanut Butter Wolf, members of Skinny Puppy, Takemura Nobukazu, DJ Kensei, Fred moTh, Hifana and Jemapur. While we go load up Spotify for some musical education, why not check out the Coppe’ albums available in the UK, rolling out on Amazon MP3 from 1 October, followed by the video to one of our favourite tracks, below.



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