Golden Bomber Release Exclusive UK Album

Japan’s hottest visual kei ‘air’ rock band, Golden Bomber, may not play any instruments live, but that hasn’t stopped them from selling hundreds of thousands of CDs in their motherland. In fact, last year’s Oricon indie chart saw the group claim all 3 top spots for the year-end singles chart.

Now, the rest of the world is set for Golden madness as the foursome drop unique ‘BEST’ albums to the people of America, France, Germany, and us in good olde Blighty land. Each album contains different, as well as a version of Golden Bomber’s annoyingly catchy and cheesy breakthrough single ‘Memeshikute’ in the respective country’s native tongue.

The UK version, named The Golden Best for United Kingdom, is out now digitally for a mere £5.49 from, and includes the following tracks;

1. Yowasete Mojito
2. Torauma Kyabajou
3. Memeshikute
4. Sayonara Fuyumi -Euro Mix-
5. Jirettai
6. Doku Gumo Onna (Moemoe Hen)
7. Fudanshi
8. Tomorrow never world
9. Earphone
10. Motokare Korosu
11. The V Keippoi Kyoku
12. Haruga Kurumaeni
13. Memeshikute (English Version)

The other countries’ versions are also available by visiting Golden Bomber’s iTunes store.


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