LM.C: The Pop Is Strong With This One

We promise that title is the one and only ‘May the 4th’ joke you’ll be getting from us, at least for this year. But, along with a sea of poorly executed Star Wars-based date puns comes the European digital release of LM.C’s latest album STRONG POP. It’s available now from Amazon.co.uk and iTunes UK, while the physical CD will be released from 21st May and includes two exclusive bonus tracks not found on the Japanese version.

1. Be STRONG, Be Pop.
2. Ah Hah!
6. Goak-On-SOUL
7. We are LM.C!!~The Anthem of Strong Pop~
9. COMBAT mode
10. peekaboo
11. Hoshi no Arika
12. Nanimo Hajimaranakatta Ichinichi no Owarini
13. Let Me’ Crazy!!
14. Ah Hah! (Apple Crush Mix)
15. GAME of LIFE (Surprise Mix)

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About Tom Smith
Some say he's fuelled on nothing but energy drinks, and that when he visits Japan, he spends the whole time engaging the ground in an all too familiar way. But what we do know is that his words on the country's entertainment and culture find their way into NEO Magazine on a monthly basis, while everything else finds its way here. Be it quirky news item from the Land of the Rising Sun, or a story so gruesome it'd be rude not to pass it on, you'll find it here along with his general posts about life, work and most importantly play. And yes, he has had articles printed in the likes of MCV, GamesMaster, 360 Gamer and more, thanks for noticing.

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