AA= #3 Arrives in Europe

It’s been four months since its release in Japan – and we almost gave up and just went ahead and imported it – but now, #3, the third album from AA=, the aggressively electronic band fronted by The Mad Capsule Markets’ founder Takeshi Ueda, receives its much needed European digital release today thanks to Gan Shin Records.

AA= is inspired by George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm and stands for ‘All Animals are Equal’. However, its name is not the only thing inspired by the 1945 classic, its music also focuses on political grievances and sociocultural problems. We’re not sure how meaningful that message is when songs like PEACE!! and GREED from their former releases seemingly just repeat the words, but it certainly makes great music. However, any doubts we had on their integrity were quashed proceeding the Great Tohoku Earthquake where the band donated profits from their first two albums to charity, along with proceeds from #3 and their single We’re not alone, which is also included on #3.

#3 is available now from iTunes UK for £7.99. For loves of all things physical, Amazon.co.uk have the regular edition and limited edition, both at extortionate prices. If you want it that bad, send us an email, we’ll get it on our next trip to Japan and sell you it at a much friendlier price.

Here’s a short movie AA= are using to promote #3.


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