taffy Prepare for Record Store Day

They may have been born in Japan, but taffy‘s musical heart is clearly in the west. With a sound that’s been likened to Britain’s Echobelly and Teenage Fanclub, it was only a matter of time until the indie four-piece knuckled down and found a way into the UK market. And from 21st April they will do exactly that, releasing their first single ‘SO LONG’ during Record Store Day, via label AC30.

‘SO LONG’ will be available digitally as well as on 7″ sparkly clear vinyl and you can listen to a sample of the track by clicking here. taffy’s debut UK album Caramel Sunset is also scheduled for a 7th May release. Samples from it can be listened to by visiting this link from taffy’s homepage.

An interview with the band about their upcoming releases can be found on Music Fix’s page.


About Tom Smith
Some say he's fuelled on nothing but energy drinks, and that when he visits Japan, he spends the whole time engaging the ground in an all too familiar way. But what we do know is that his words on the country's entertainment and culture find their way into NEO Magazine on a monthly basis, while everything else finds its way here. Be it quirky news item from the Land of the Rising Sun, or a story so gruesome it'd be rude not to pass it on, you'll find it here along with his general posts about life, work and most importantly play. And yes, he has had articles printed in the likes of MCV, GamesMaster, 360 Gamer and more, thanks for noticing.

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