This Sunday: We Don’t Care About Music Anyway

We Don't Care About Music Anyway is screening at the ICA on 20 November

Great name. Great accompanying image. Intriguing trailer, if a tad too ‘oooh, look at us, we use feedback and static because we’re so avant garde and underground’, but then, if that kind of thing is like nails down a chalkboard to you, then perhaps Cédric Dupire and Gaspard Kuentz’s film exploring Japan’s notoriously arty underground music scene, We Don’t Care About Music Anyway, isn’t for you. But then again, even if that kind of thing does annoy you, there’s something captivating about the whole idea.

The directors comment, ‘rather than a film about music, we like to think of We Don’t Care About Music Anyway… as a film about sound and its perception. A eulogy to raw and spontaneous creation, below codes and industry, creation as an animal way to express a rage that cannot be put into words.’

We Don’t Care About Music Anyway is part of the Zipangu festival, which kicks off this Friday at the ICA with two more Japanese music-based films; KanZeOn and Shirome, followed by the event’s opening party. Tickets are on sale now for the screening at 5pm on Sunday 20 November, priced at £10, with £8 concessions.

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